Certificate of conformity

How will we execute the procedure of conformity assessment for voluntary certification?

The procedure of voluntary certification and Certificate of conformity is performed when the product/product group or production control system has not been evaluated in accordance with any regulations/directives. When the notified body/approved body has no tasks under the responsibility regarding the requested specification, the conformity assessment for voluntary certification can be done by ATC INTL without accreditation and notification regarding scheme rules of ATC INTL. The products/product groups are performed conformity assessment according to related standards/technical specifications after technical experts and auditors reviewed the technical documentation, checked controls and inspections records.

The purpose of a Certificate of Conformity is to demonstrate that the product is safe for use, complies with relevant regulations, and meets the expectations of consumers and regulatory bodies.

In some cases, a Voluntary Certificate of Conformity is a document issued by a certification body that certifies that a product or batch of products complies with specific standards, regulations, or technical specifications. Unlike mandatory certificates of conformity, which are required by law for certain products or in certain markets, voluntary certificates of conformity are not legally mandated but are obtained voluntarily by manufacturers to demonstrate the quality and compliance of their products.

It’s important to distinguish between mandatory certificates of conformity and voluntary certificates. Mandatory certificates are legally required for specific products or markets to ensure public safety and compliance with regulations, while voluntary certificates are optional and are used primarily for marketing and assurance purposes. Manufacturers must be clear about whether a certificate is mandatory or voluntary for their particular product and market.

Any Further Benefits of Conformity Assessments?


• Ensures the performance of the product/product group with production control tests. • Improved consistency of service and product performance. • Provides confidence that products meet the minimum requirements of the standards/technical specification. • Increased marketing and sales opportunities. • Greater international acceptance and competitiveness.

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