Inspection Services

Inspection Services


We help companies to increase the performance of their business . We are a group of companies operating in various areas of the Engineering & Assessment sector , with high specialization in the value chain of manufacturing , industrial plant and infrastructure processes . We were born with the aim of supporting the needs of any type of company , providing a highly skilled staff with international experience . We offer our customers the highest level of technical and professional services , regardless of the size of the organization .

We control the quality of company products , semi – finished products or operating equipment through innovative control techniques.

We have more than 200 Inspector around the world. we are ready to inspect your goods and material , factory audit and etc in target countries.

ATC International is your reliable partner for Customised & Second Party Audits. Allow ATC to improve the performance and compliance in your supply chain with its specialist, technical experts, Inspectors and auditors.

A second-party audit is an assessment or examination of a supplier’s quality management system, processes, or products conducted by a party that has a direct interest in the supplier. In this type of audit, the examining party is typically a customer, client, or another entity that is closely connected to the supplier and has a vested interest in ensuring the quality, compliance, and performance of the products or services provided.

Overall, second-party audits play a vital role in supplier management, risk mitigation, and maintaining a strong and transparent customer-supplier relationship. They provide a mechanism for customers to verify the quality and compliance of products or services without relying solely on the supplier’s self-assessment. You can ask ATC International to carry out second party audit on behalf of your company. The Aim of the Second Party Audit

Strengthens an organization’s supply chain Minimizes the risk and protects your company’s reputation Increases efficiencies Improves the quality within your company and in your supply chain

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