Soil Analysis

Soil Analysis                   Soil analysis is a set of various chemical processes that determine the amount of available plant nutrients in the soil, but also the chemical, physical and biological soil properties important for plant nutrition. The first step for high-yield crop harvest and fertilizer recommendation suitable for the product and soil is to examine the soil content. Soil test can be done in the laboratory or on-site. However, the fastest and most effortless are analyzes performed on-site using high technology. Within our company, we carry out on-site soil test in your field, vineyard, garden. The soil sample should be taken from a point that reflects the field homogeneously. The sample location should be away from under trees, streams, forests, watercourses and areas close to roads. Samples should be taken from different points with a shovel or auger from a depth of 30 cm, or from a depth of 30-60 mm if it is a perennial plant, and mixed. If the soil structure changes, different samples should be taken and analyzed. We also accept samples by shipment and complete the analyzes as soon as possible. The measurements made include the following parameters:
  • Organic matter,
  • Nitrogen (N),
  • Potassium (K2O),
  • Phosphorus (P2O5),
  • pH value,
  • Soil Texture,
  • Clay,
  • Cation Exchange Capacity,
  • Soil Temperature.
As a result of soil test, the most appropriate fertilizer recommendation per decare is given for different periods, including before and during planting, during flowering and before harvest, for nearly 100 product groups. Analysis results and fertilizer recommendation are reported within 10 minutes. The benefits of soil analysis are:
  • It provides economic savings of up to 60% in fertilizer use.
  • Highly productive harvest is obtained.
  • It accelerates plant growth.
Advantages of on-site soil analysis versus soil analysis to be performed in the laboratory:
  • Faster analysis, results in 10 minutes,
  • Instant reportability,
  • On-site control before sample shipment,
  • Use of high-tech devices produced in the Netherlands, one of the leading countries in agriculture,
  • Test results with high reliability and 99% accuracy,
  • Cheaper analysis fees.
Contact ATC International technical team for detailed information about Soil Analysis.