EN 10080

EN 10080


The European standard EN 10080, established by the European Union (EU), delineates general requisites for ribbed weldable reinforcing steel utilized in reinforcing concrete structures. This standard encompasses steel supplied in the configurations of bars, coils (rods, wires), and decoiled products. It provides extensive information encompassing definitions, methodologies for testing, conformity assessment, as well as the identification of the manufacturer and the technical class. Furthermore, the standard incorporates specifications for three distinct steel grades, all possessing a characteristic yield strength of 500 MPa but exhibiting varying ductility characteristics. The three grades of reinforcing steel are denoted as B500A, B500B, and B500C, with the letter “B” signifying reinforcing steel. The letters A, B, or C elucidate the ductility levels of the steel, with class A indicating the lowest ductility and class C representing the highest

As per the provisions of EN 10080, steel products covered by this standard may exhibit a ribbed, indented or smooth surface. It is essential to note that this standard exclusively pertains to weldable reinforcing steel and does not extend its applicability to:

1.Non-weldable reinforcing steel,

2.Galvanized reinforcing steel,

3.Epoxy-coated reinforcing steel,

4.Corrosion-resistant reinforcing steel,

5.Prestressing steels, indented strip,

6.Further processing, such as cutting or cutting and bending.

It is noteworthy that the standard’s applicability extends to all European Union (EU) countries. For specific details and specifications regarding steel production in adherence to EN 10080, interested parties can refer to the relevant documentation outlining the specifications and guidelines provided by the standard.

The British Standard BS 4449, titled “Steel for the reinforcement of concrete. Weldable reinforcing steel; bar, coil and decoiled product.

This standard delineates the requirements for ribbed weldable reinforcing steel deployed in the reinforcement of concrete structures. Encompassing steel delivered in the form of bars, coils, and decoiled products, BS 4449 outlines specifications for three distinct steel grades, each characterized by 500 MPa yield strength but differing in ductility characteristics—designated as B500A, B500B, and B500C.

Weldability requirements for all steel grades are explicitly defined in terms of chemical composition, with a particular emphasis on the carbon equivalent value. It’s important to note that this standard does not cover steel bars produced by re-rolling finished products or rolling material with an incomplete or unknown metallurgical history.

BS 4449 primarily targets manufacturers, fabricators, and purchasers involved in ribbed reinforcing steel (bars, coils, and decoiled products) for concrete structure reinforcement. It offers designations based on steel grade, product form, and dimensions, serving as a comprehensive guide for specifying the technical requirements for reinforcing steels. This includes aspects such as chemical analysis, mechanical properties, rib geometry, and tolerances on dimensions

ATC INTL, a respected certification body, is well-equipped to offer comprehensive services in accordance with the British Standards EN 10080 and BS 4449:. Here’s how ATC INTL could provide its services:

  1. Documentation Review

   – ATC INTL initiates the certification process by conducting a thorough review of your organization’s documentation to ensure adherence to the specifications outlined in BS 4449 and EN 10080. This includes scrutinizing chemical compositions, mechanical properties, and other relevant details.

  1. On-Site Assessment

   – Certified auditors from ATC INTL perform on-site assessments to evaluate the implementation of welding processes, adherence to standards, and overall compliance of your organization with BS 4449 and EN 10080. This includes assessing the production of ribbed reinforcing steel in various forms such as bars, coils, and decoiled products.

  1. Weldability Compliance

   – ATC INTL ensures that the weldability requirements for different steel grades, as specified in terms of chemical composition and carbon equivalent value, are met.

  1. Flash Welds Evaluation

   – The certification process includes the evaluation of flash welds in lengths of bars, ensuring that they meet all the mechanical requirements. If purchasers specifically require bars without flash welds, ATC INTL accommodates and verifies these preferences.

  1. Comprehensive Certification

– ATC INTL provides a comprehensive certification that includes designations based on steel grade, product form, and dimensions. This certification serves as a testament to your organization’s commitment to meeting the technical requirements of BS 4449 and EN 10080.

  1. Client Communication

– Throughout the certification process, ATC INTL maintains clear communication with the client, addressing any inquiries and ensuring that all specific requirements, such as the preference for bars without flash welds, are duly noted and incorporated into the certification process.

  1. Continual Compliance Monitoring

– Post-certification, ATC INTL may conduct periodic audits to ensure continual compliance with BS 4449 and EN 10080. This helps your organization maintain the high standards set by the British Standard.

**Why Choose ATC INTL:**

  1. **Expertise**

– ATC INTL boasts a team of certified auditors with expertise in welding processes and adherence to standards like BS 4449 and EN 10080.

  1. Global Recognition

   – Certification from ATC INTL is globally recognized, enhancing the marketability of your ribbed reinforcing steel products.

  1. Customer-Centric Approach

   – ATC INTL tailors its services to the specific needs and goals of your organization, ensuring a customer-centric approach.

  1. **Comprehensive Services:**

– From initial assessments to periodic audits and recertification, ATC INTL offers end-to-end services to ensure continual compliance with BS 4449 and EN 10080.

Choosing ATC INTL as your certification body ensures that your organization’s production of ribbed reinforcing steel aligns with the rigorous standards set by BS 4449 and EN 10080, demonstrating a commitment to quality and adherence to industry specifications..

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