Social Compliances

Social Compliance (ATC scheme 28)

The ATC International Social Compliance Scheme (ATC scheme 28) is a supply-chain certification scheme. The Scheme ensures a degree of confidence in the supply chain that core social responsibility obligations are being considered and appropriate controls effectively implemented.

Our Social Compliance assessment team are available to conduct assessments across five continents and therefore no-matter where your supply chain extends, we are likey to have a team nearby.

What Is Social Responsibility?

Social responsibility has become one of the most important factors to measure your organization’s performance and this is true of all sectors of society. Social responsibility is an organization’s legal and voluntary duty to consider its social and environmental impact of its decisions and activities. A corporate responsibility strategy outlines the ways that an organization contributes to sustainable development, engages with its stakeholders and behaves ethically.

Can I get certification?

Your organisation can be assessed for its social compliance against our criteria which includes:

  • Social responsibility and accountability
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Human rights and labor practices
  • Community involevment
  • Credibility and integrity